Green Furniture Design

What is sustainable wood? The World Commission defines sustainability as “the capacity of forests, ranging from stands to eco-regions, to maintain their health, productivity, diversity and overall integrity, in the long run, in the context of human activity and use.” Generally, “sustainable wood” means wood harvested from carefully managed forests or reclaimed from old buildings or furniture.

CambiumWorks makes every effort to obtain the wood we use for our furniture from sustainable sources. In order to be considered green, wood must come from a sustainable forest where the wood harvests have been coordinated with replenishment efforts. Our sources not only provide high quality wood but they also provide wildlife habitats, clean air and natural beauty for generations to come much like our green furniture designs.

CambiumWorks creates green furniture designs that endure – structurally and aesthetically – to last for years without causing harm to either the environment or the people that make or use them. Whenever possible we use wood that is domestically grown and logged following sustainable forestry guidelines. In addition, we try to recycle or repurpose all byproducts created during the fabrication of our pieces.

We explore pioneering approaches to modern furniture design and production. Our approach to green furniture design is guided by the belief that exemplary design must have an intelligent basis and superior craftsmanship with a minimal environmental footprint. Our custom furniture is handcrafted of sustainably harvested wood in our Houston. We take pride in the production of authentic and green furniture that is as much fine art as family heirlooms.



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