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Top 5 Tips on How to Choose Embroidery Sewing Machines

Long gone are the days when sewing machines were simple and pretty straight forward to use. The fact is that with advancement in technology, you have machines that actually will offer you more that you imagine. I have been using several brands the past few years, tested different embroidery machines and their mechanics, and even solicited expert advice. However, things are not so rosy when it comes to embroidery designs that most machines tend to offer. If you are a beginner, then I bet that you have had lots of trouble finding a machine that is a good fit for you. Here are 5 important tips you need to consider when choosing good embroidery sewing machines;


1. Throat width; this is one of the most important elements that you should actually look into. Try your best to go for those that allow you to maneuver without a problem. In this case, try to find out what experts say about your particular choice.

2. Embroidery unit; if you want to make no mistake, see to it that the embroidery unit is separate. This comes with the benefit of using the same machine for sewing as well as embroidery. This is also great because it will save you some money, too.

3. Hoop Size; it is indisputable that the hoop size determines designs. As a matter of fact, there is an array of choice on the market today, but you are advised to go for those that average 360×360. In this case, you can become more creative.

4. Accessories available; if you find a sewing embroidery machine that comes with additional accessories then do not hesitate to go for it. The fact is that not only will you enjoy the benefits that come with the additions, but you can actually enhance you skills much faster.

5. Embroidery Designs; a good embroidery sewing machines will offer you different designs. The best thing is that most brands come at pocket friendly prices, and you will never dent your bank account if you choose one. The best thing is that with expert help, you get one best suited for your unique needs.

This said, I can affirm to the fact that your particular need will determine the kind of embroidery sewing machine to use. We are all different because while I might prefer Brother PE770, some will definitely go for the Singer Fatura, whereas others can’t fathom living without the Singer Quantum XL-6000. You really need to look at the finer details before making a choice. And for my friend Mary, she can never do without the Pfaff Creative Vision.

Why I Will Go With This Espresso Maker Everywhere I Go


How my love for coffee actually started is very interesting; coffee is one thing I had never liked at all. Even though I saw all my family members take coffee every single morning, I just couldn’t and always took tea instead. However, immediately I went to college I started reading so many good things about coffee; from doctor’s journals to even books, people were advised to take plenty of coffee for it came with tons and tons of benefits for our health. After going through quite a number of them, I was convinced about the health benefits of coffee. I talked to my mom about it and she was over excited. In fact, she was ready to give me the espresso machine they have in the kitchen for the longest time, but I did tell her it was not necessary; I was going to shop for the best espresso maker. I knew a couple of friends who have had such machines for as long as I can remember and I knew they were going to advise me on the best espresso maker to buy.

True my words; I left the next morning to town and came back to my college room that evening with a nice and powerful espresso machine. To cut the story short, it is now over three months since I got the machine and I love the way it does its job. That is not even the best part; strongly blended cup of coffee is one thing I never miss every other morning. So just like the rest of people, thanks to the best espresso maker I have in my room, I am also reaping the rich health benefits of coffee. Interestingly, quite a number of friends have come to learn of my espresso maker and they normally stop over maybe before they go for their respective lectures or just in the evening for a taste of it. The experience has been amazing!

What to Look for in a Portable Room Air Conditioner

at home
This year has found me a new home, and I realized air conditioning was my primary concern. So I decided to shop around for the best portable room air conditioner. I know many of new homeowners find themselves in the same nightmare and also if you move around frequently whether at home or work, you realize that fixing an AC is quite hectic. This blog is just what you’ve been looking for. I have gathered all the useful tips and insights combined with my experience to help you find the perfect solution to overcome excessive heat in your room. Join me as I unleash the best portable air conditioner reviews.

One fact I’d like to point out is that a good portable air conditioner must be able to deliver depending on the ambient temperature conditions. Most portable air conditioners will be rated in Kilowatt (kW) or British Thermal Units (BTU). This is calculated in terms of the total amount of heat a portable air conditioner will expel out of a given room. Mostly, calculated using the room size and the use of the room. For example, a portable air conditioner for the bedroom might be of a smaller capacity than one designed for use in a lounge even if the two rooms are of the same size. A great tip when choosing the brand is to go for one with the highest efficiency. This means that the portable air conditioner unit is effective in cooling (Cools the room very fast) yet very conservative with electricity consumption. Most of these types are dual hose.

It is important to consider is the type of refrigerant used in the brand of portable air conditioner you are interested in. The most common refrigerants used are R410A and R22. Lately with global warming scenarios and Eco-friendly campaigns, R22 is getting a negative review hence manufacturers are phasing it out. Be on the look out since I have seen these models being retailed at throw away price. Also with the ever advancing technology, go for a quiet mode. You do not wish to have annoying noise and sounds in your room especially the bedroom.

Talking of technology, I have encountered three major variations of portable air conditioners. Models with a tray for emptying condensation, also called drip models and those that drain automatically known as the non-drip models. We have models with a single hose and others with a dual hose; the latter are more efficient when it comes to cooling. Finally, we have the multifunctional ones that combine cooling with other functions such as heating, dehumidifying and fan cooling. The most common portable air conditioners models in 2015 are; Delonghi, LG, Daikin, Sharp, Whynter, and Haier.

Finally, you need to take care of your portable air conditioner. Regular cleaning and maintenance practices will guarantee you a longer shelf life. I once encountered a failed portable air conditioner and almost called my repair guy before I rummaged in my garbage to find the installation guide. Simple basic troubleshooting guidelines were included in the user manual. Make sure you read it to avoid future hick ups. See you as you say goodbye to heat and welcome cool fresh air.

A Home-Based Embroidery Business is Just Perfect

After working as an administrative assistant for nearly six years, I decided it was time I ventured into something different. Being employed by someone else just wasn’t working for me anymore. After getting married, priorities changed as well as the financial needs. For instance, with the birth of our baby James, it also meant looking and paying for a bigger house and hopefully finding a nanny. Obviously, I had to get back to work in order to help with the household bills.

embroideredOn the other hand, my schedules in the office were becoming more and more unfavorable. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with the new member of our family. That is why I resolved to a home-based embroidery business. With the few savings we had as a family; I invested in one of the best embroidery sewing machines for beginners. I hadn’t practiced embroidery and garment decoration for a long time, and this seemed like starting afresh. This is why I needed a sewing machine for beginners. Choosing the right machine was an exciting yet daunting activity. I choose one of the latest devices because they are not only easy to use but also easily upgradable when there are innovations. Specifically, my embroidery machine utilizes computer software, and I always feel that it was the best option for me. Thankfully, we managed to find a machine that fitted our budget at that time.

I am reaping a lot of benefits from my home based embroidery business. For starters, nothing makes me happier than the fact that I now earn thrice the amount I made as an administrative assistant. Secondly, I get to choose my working hours. This means that I have time for my family and also myself. Thirdly, I decide where I want to work from. Apart from the days when I attend exhibitions, festivals, fairs, and other special events, my embroidery business is based at my home. Fourthly, since I am the boss, I have control over the expenses as well as the prices. Lastly, I even get to choose the type of clients to work with. So far, I offer embroidery services to corporate identities, schools, interior designers, and pet owners.

Of particular importance is to ensure that you have the right embroidery machine. One of the things that I have learnt is that your choice of embroidery machine can make or break your home-based business. The more powerful and easy to use a machine is, the easier it is to produce quality work.

The perks of working in my virtual office


Perhaps the best decision that I’ve ever done for myself was to get a virtual office. I decided to do that when my young son asked me why I have to drive off somewhere to go to work. That question really made me think hard, and a month after my son asked me that burning question, I now have a virtual office in NYC. One of the perks of the service is having more time to spend with my family. For instance, I don’t have to rush out every morning to beat the traffic jam, and I can have a leisurely breakfast with my kids before they go to school.

Another benefit is being able to design my workstation in the manner that I see fit. I used to work in a cubicle, which was no more than ten by ten square feet but now I have a more spacious office from the study room that I recently converted. The fact that I work from home doesn’t mean that I’m less engaged than people who work at the company headquarters. In fact, I believe that I’m more engaged because I have regular scheduled meetings with the people I work with.

I also have the right communication tools to make my work easier. I can make audio or video calls thanks to a desktop video device. I can also have video conferencing, which allows everyone to see who’s on the conference call and who’s talking at the time. I have also seen my productivity improve because of the relaxed work atmosphere. For instance, when I’ve been working hard the whole morning, I can decide to take a dip in my backyard pool to cool off while I’m thinking of my next move.

However, there are some things that I miss because of working in a virtual office in Hong Kong. One of the things that I miss is having a drink with my colleagues after a hard day’s work. Even though I may not admit it, I also miss the mad morning rush to get to my office, which used to give me the edge that I need to stay on top of my game. Working in a virtual office also requires a lot of discipline. There are times when I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel like stepping into my home office. The fact that I have customers to serve and a boss to answer to is what keeps me going.

Why some virtual offices are virtual – Bloomberg

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